MK Tech

Assembly and work tables

Our company can also help you with designing different work tables and assembly workstations to help you with assembly, components testing or assemblies. We will develop suitable holders and systems to fit the work table for correct mounting. These systems can be rebuilt, the holders can be replaced, etc.


Our assembly workplaces optimize the pre-assembly of units, the assembly of parts where, for instance - the exact position, the working procedure, etc. - must be respected. They can also serve to test product functionality or quality control.

The use of these workplaces can be multipurpose – i.e. they can be redefined when changing the model or the design, for example.


Completing the units on a single-purpose assembly workplace reduces the possibility of deflections during assembly and also the occurrence of defective products. Mounted assemblies are finished faster, the worker has everything they need at such an ergonomic workplace at hand. Some processes, such as product testing at an assembly workplace, may also be more or less automated, which in turn contributes to an increased efficiency and productivity.

Minimization of installation deviationsReduction of defective products resulting from assemblyIncreasing work efficiency – accelerating the assembly processIncreasing efficiency and productivity with regard to time and assembly costs

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