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Clamping devices

Consultations of our professional staff with the customer along with a suitable design of the clamping system are a key part of the smooth operation of serial production operations. Clamping devices, depending on complexity and requirements, are manufactured and delivered with high precision and quality, which guarantees a long-life cycle even in very large product ranges. We implement designs with an emphasis on simplicity, reliability, easy handling and maintenance. We use high-quality components that ultimately guarantee the production of quality products that will not disappoint you.


These are setups used to fix components in manufacturing operations such as welding, cutting, milling, turning, gluing, riveting, screwing, but also measurement, and all the processes where it is necessary for the component to be fixed firmly and reliably always in the same position. In this way, the same result and thus high repeatable accuracy can be guaranteed.

This factor must be respected so as serial production products are components of the required quality that can be cyclically achieved even at relatively short production times.


High repeatable accuracy and quality of parts are guaranteed. It is possible to design clamping devices for a variety of environments - for example, an aggressive environment when applied directly in a machine tool or a robotic workplace - where the fixture itself and its pneumatic, hydraulic and electronic components must be protected against the presence of cutting and cooling fluid.

High repeatable accuracy of manufactured partsSuperior quality partsCustomized design – exactly as requiredIncreasing workplace safety

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