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Worktable for brake caliper components pre-assembly

Workstations are used in assembly plants. In this case, the workstation is designed according to the customer┬┤s requirements ÔÇô it means equipped with a turntable which can be fixed at a chosen position. The station is also equipped with a pneumatic tightening mechanism that has a torque sensor. The construction of the station is made from aluminium sections as well as the working plate is made from a high-quality aluminium material. For security reasons the covering is designed and made from polycarbonate sheets.

Project type Assembly and work tables

Interesting facts

Assembling of a product, which is divided into various modifications, takes place on the workstation. Each modification has its own recommended tightening torque. Because of this, the device is equipped with a QR code reader. In the process of assembling, the specific product with a specific tightening torque is read. At the output of a pneumatic tightener, the code is read and the appropriate tightening torque is automatically applied.

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