MK Tech

About us

We are a professional team of constructers and engineers in the area of mechanical engineering. We deal with design, development and production of professional devices. We constantly look for new solutions to facilitate automation of manufacturing as well as logistics processes. Quality, accuracy and innovation enable us to meet high standards at the local and foreign markets.

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What do we do?

Desing and production

Preparation of technical drawings for the production of custom-made machine parts.


Timeless technology which saves your time and is also environment-friendly.


Feature design of electronic parts and system operation calculations.

Professional assembly and installation

Comprehensive assembly and installation services ensure a convenient product handover.

Robotic automation

The robotic workstations we supply help to efficiently automate repetitive activities of the production process, which even workers might often not be able to handle.

Camera systems

We implement complex camera systems and by doing so we contribute to an extension and progress of advanced automation.

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