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Lifting technology

Nowadays, it is becoming difficult to manufacture without the hoisting technology. Not only when it is necessary to handle heavy loads, but also to ensure correct ergonomics when reloading or handling large quantities of even smaller products in serial production when time quotas must be fulfilled. We are able to build any kind of a suspension system according to the customer’s preference for the necessary load, and of course we also provide static assessments of such constructions, or audit reports of the hoisting systems used. We work with world leaders in this industry, such as Ingersoll Rand and Demag, who have rich experience in this field.


An invaluable help with reloading and handling loads. The hoisting equipment saves your time, workers’ health and contributes overall to streamlining the production process. It is far from just a crane with a fixing point. For instance, it is possible to use different pliers with a self-locking gravitational mechanism; balancers can also be used, onto which different fixtures can be attached, or various tools, e.g. for assembly, treatment and the like.

The tools used can be electric or pneumatic. Various reaction and telescoping arms can be incorporated to provide torque transfer to the structure, thus saving the effort of employees – e.g. when tightening screw connections at a high torque.


Handling loads with minimal effort, preserving the health of employees and time needed for reloading and increasing work efficiency. These devices can be attached to a roof structure, or a structure can be led and anchored to the floor, not excluding customized mobile lifting devices. The stroke can be performed through electric drive, pneumatically, or a relief system - so-called balancer - can be used, where a worker needs only a fraction of the strength to handle the load.

Simple hanling of loadsEmployees´ healthIncreasing work efficiency

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