Suspension rails for electric cranes to lift engines

The requirement was to replace the original suspension device with a new one and at the same time to modify it so that it can reach a larger area and make the handling less physically demanding. Another requirement was to replace the steel structure attached to the roof trusses, which supports the suspension device itself. As a result, we designed the construction differently, so that in the end the operator moves with less mass or weight. We used a suspension device with light aluminium profiles and two bridges. After that we attached an electric chain hoist with cable control to each of them.

Beginning of the project 12.10.2016
End of the project 06.01.2017
Project type Lifting technology

Interesting facts

Approximately 60 metres of a steel rope with a diameter of 5 mm have been used for this suspension device. Individual ropes ensure the stability of the device and reinforce the entire construction.

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