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Shock absorbers and axles tightening manipulator

The idea was to replace the two hanging manipulators, each for one side of the vehicle, with one that would handle the work of both. The suspension system was completely removed and replaced by a track guide built into the floor. The main vertical column of the manipulator is made of carbon profile in order to achieve the lowest possible weight and thus control without much effort. The device combines a station for tightening the rear shock absorbers, front axle bolts. Recently, the tightening mechanism has been modified to make it possible to tighten the axle bolts on the new model, which has them tilted at an angle.

Beginning of the project 19.05.2015
End of the project 05.08.2015
Project type Single-purpose devices

Interesting facts

The manipulator has undergone several modifications to make the most of its potential as demands have grown over time and requirements for its functions and controls have changed.

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