Fuel tank tightening manipulator

This device is a replacement for the previous manipulator, which had to be replaced by an improved version due to constant failures and increasing workload. It is used to tighten the pre-assembled screws that hold the car's fuel tank in place. This manipulator has a retractable arm made of carbon profiles, instead of the old one, where aluminium profiles were used. It makes the work much easier for the operator, as he does not have to move with such a high weight as before. The manipulator is suspended on the side beam and points to the side. High torques occur due to the long arm. For this reason, a light and strong composite material - carbon - was chosen.

Beginning of the project 03.07.2015
End of the project 30.11.2015
Project type Single-purpose devices

Interesting facts

The manipulator has a built-in system for adjusting the horizontal position of the extension arm.

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