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Nowadays, it is very common to use the clinching technology (i.e. cold press-joining of two and more materials) to join a washing-machine frame with its components. The stimulus for the automation of the clinching manufacturing process was to unite several hand-used tools into one multifunctional. It was also necessary to eliminate┬álower quality connections, higher wear, more precisely ÔÇô more frequent wear of the tools which occurred during manual clinching.

Project type Robotics and automation

Interesting facts

The basis of the workstation is a robot with a clinching tool and a primary indexing rotary table with the possibility of 180° rotation, equipped with two secondary arms, working in all axes. An integral part of the workstation is also a set of 9 adjustable fixtures, which are placed on the secondary arms of the table. The fixtures can be adjusted to a desired production sequence. A total of 49 types of frames and their components can be produced in this way with the help of one universal fully automatic workstation.

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