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Flywheel bolts tightening controller

The customer is a world-renowned car manufacturer. As a part of the automation of the production process, our company was approached to develop an automatic workstation for tightening the pre-screwed joints of the shock absorber and the brake caliper of the car front axle. The automated workstation is integrated directly into the assembly line. The system draws data on incoming assembly sets for individual models from the MES system. The machine then selects the appropriate size of the tightening tool and tightens the screw connections in the exact mutual position and prescribed moments. The data from the tightening operations are subsequently sent back to the system, where they are backed up.

Beginning of the project 12.02.2017
End of the project 30.6.2017
Project type Robotics and automation

Interesting facts

No animal was hurt or killed while designing and constructing the device. The device uses:

8456 screws42 pneumatic valves85 pneumatic cylinders1232 metres of electrical wiresAt the full speed, it can tighten all screws in one unit in 20 seconds

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